A Friendly Suggestion

prayer Hey! Have you ever thought of an idea but then overlooked it because you thought it was a bad idea?

Well, that happened to me a few months ago when I thought about creating a prayer list where I could write all my prayers down and cross them off when they got answered. Then I thought “nah,” because why would I write my prayers down when I could just say them to God? But then after some further thought and encouragement from God, I was like, “Why not?” So I created a list (on my phone, of course. Where else?) and I can’t say I regret doing so. The prayer list is awesome! I have all my prayers numbered, I highlighted the ones that are at the foremost of my heart and the ones that are relevant to my life at the moment, and then I delete a prayer whenever it gets answered. It’s a really nice idea God brought to me, and as a friendly suggestion, I’d advise you to keep a prayer list, too!


Benefits of the prayer list:

  • Easily remember all of your prayers
  • See the prayers that have come true and give thanks to God
  • Reveals to you the areas in your life that lack prayer
  • Helps you to expand your prayers to include other people and not just yourself/family
  • Great for actual prayer: you can go down the list and pray for each one or pick and choose depending on what’s important
  • Another way to get closer to God

The benefits are great and numerous and you’ll soon see for yourself once you try it. Plus, you’ll be surprised how much you really have to pray for!

Have a blessed day:)



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