My Nightmare Last Night- And How I’m Dealing with It

living nightmare


Thanks for stopping by! Today you get to read about my nightmare last night. It was frightening:

It was in the middle of the night and I was lying on my side when I felt a hand slide up my right cheek, and another slide up my stomach, and then they started to shake me. I rumbled with my bed, the hand on my stomach feeling ticklish, so I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or scream.  It was also getting harder for me to breathe. That’s when I jerked away.

My heart beat faster, and I laid in bed with my eyes open for a while, too scared to go back to sleep. Finally, I spoke the Name of Jesus out loud, and I covered myself with His blood. I prayed for angels to keep watch over me and protect me. Then I prayed for my family and for their protection. I gradually closed my eyes again and kept repeating Jesus’ Name out loud and covering myself with the blood of Jesus until eventually the fear dissipated, and I could fall asleep again.

So long story short, I dealt with my nightmare by praying, and that’s how I’m still dealing with it- by praying. But what’s the big whoop about having a nightmare and praying for protection? Other Christians have probably done the same plenty o’ times, so why blog about it? Well, because God spoke to me during that time of prayer. He said prayer is powerful and there is power in Jesus’ Name. At the Name of Jesus, all evil spirits flee, for they cannot stand His presence. He’s too holy. And He’s too powerful for them. God also reminded me of a blog post that I’d written a few years ago. It’s called ASAP, with the letters standing for Always Say A Prayer.

God reminded me of the importance of always saying a prayer. Not just when we’ve had a nightmare. Not just when we’re scared. Not just at night. Not just in church. Not just at “prayer time”. But like the acronym says, always. Jesus’ Name should always be on our lips. And we should always be praying for our family, friends, and world. God knows there is much to be praying about! When you’re in the car, pray. When you’re eating, pray. When you’re showering, pray. During a commercial, pray. When you’re waiting in line, pray. During a pause of conversation with a friend, pray. When you’re just sitting and thinking, pray. What’s the point? PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! The devil and his helpers are too busy for us to take a day off. We cannot go a day without opening our mouths to rebuke the devil and break down his schemes. To loose the chains he’s put on people and to destroy the lies he’s told them. Prayer is powerful, and it can do all those things and more. Don’t get discouraged when you don’t the get answers right away. Just keep praying! The Bible commands us to pray ceaselessly (1 Thessalonians 5:17) and to have faith when we pray (Mark 11:24).

So that’s why I’m blogging about my nightmare. God showed me the importance of always saying a prayer, and I want to encourage you to do the same!

God bless!


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